TGCN 2021 Project TimeLine

in 2021 We also supported missionaries with COVID Relief in India, gave our more scholarships, and financial support plus our book program for students in Northern Nigeria

2021 Projects Overview

Missions Support and Outreach

Covid Relief to 5 Mission Fields in India

June 2021

In partnership with the Newbreed Christian Nation Outreach Ministries.

Educational Scholarship

Through 2021

  • Scholarship for 16 students in Northern Nigeria
  • Book Drive campaign in partnership with Keeping It Real Foundation (KIR)
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Intercessory Prayers

Through 2021

Continued intercessory meeting on Sundays for 1hr through  the year.

Financial Support to NIFES

November 2020

Financial support to NIFES Staff and volunteers due to the unrest in the north.

December Missions

December 2021

December Missions campaigns in partnership with Beljodas Foundation

  • Giving to 200 household in Kutara IDP and widows in Abuja

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You can bless the souls of men by donating to one or more of the tgcn causes.

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