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TGCN- The Journey 2023

Warm greetings to you from TGCN’s Executive Team. Thank you for your support and commitment to the vision of TGCN. We have continued to support missions and the persecuted Church in our current capacity because of your generous contribution. God bless you!

As a follow up to the TGCN Members Meeting, which was held via zoom on the 11th of February 2023, we are elated to bring you updates on the ongoing projects and plans for the year 2023 including the various ways you can partner with us.

The first Members Meeting for 2023 was a great success with over 45 people in attendance. Praise God! It’s available to watch on our YouTube channel via this link: 

The Charge from the Member’s Meeting in a nutshell

The vision of TGCN has becomes clearer and it has brought us into a better understanding of our calling as sender missionaries. We have been sent to bear the burdens of missions and missionaries. Not only do we see the golden opportunity and honour to share in the labour of those who go into all the worlds with the gospel of Jesus, we have chosen to seize it through kingdom financing.

The coming of our Lord is near, the fields are indeed white with the harvest but the labourers need not be few any more. There is room for you to enlist as a kingdom harvesters through the stewardship of your resources. We have an array of projects designed to support missions & missionaries, empower widows and children, and the internally displaced communities in northern Nigeria. You are welcome to join us on this adventure in 2023.

Our Kingdom Projects for 2023

We have carefully selected and prioritized certain needs of our partner missionaries, they include the following:

Mobility for Beljodas Care Foundation:

 The Beljodas Care Foundation Team is a formidable team of committed missionaries reaching the northern hinterlands of Nigeria and border nations for Jesus Christ. We are very privileged to walk and work in close fellowship with this group who through their tireless evangelical and humanitarian outreaches have seen thousands of souls come to Christ. We are privy to the many challenges and limitations they face due to lack of mobility. It is our heartfelt desire to help lift the burden of transportation off the Beljodas Team in 2023. The cost of the Hilux Jeep that will best serve this purpose is 16,000,000 Naira. Please join us in funding this project and let’s give the gospel wings to fly!

Widows Empowerment Outreach:

 We launched the Annual Widows Empowerment Outreach in 2022 in partnership with NIFES out of a desire to see emancipation among widows. We are particularly burdened for the emotional healing of traumatised widows in communities devastated by the Boko Haram Insurgency and Herdsmen killings in the North of Nigeria. The maiden edition was a brilliant success! There were testimonies of emotion healing, forgiveness, and a renewed hope in Jesus among the widows. In addition, there was a skill acquisition session with distribution of pepper grinding machines to the attendees. The feedback from this event has encouraged us to fund another edition of the outreach.

This year we plan to host an additional 6 widow in a similar style to a weekend retreat and skill acquisition training program. We will be distributing pepper grinding machines to some widows and setting up petty trading businesses for others. This project is estimated to cost 1,033,800 Naira.

Obadiah Call – ‘Monthly Stipends for Missionaries’:

 The role Obadiah played in preserving the prophets of God in a time of famine and great persecution in 1kings 18:4 was very instructive for us as we embarked on the distribution of 20,000 Naira monthly stipends to missionaries in 2022. We currently have 18 missionaries as beneficiaries of this monthly relief package. The testimonies and feedback from the missionaries encourage our hearts to do more.
We desire to go from supporting 18 missionaries to 50 missionaries in 2023. This project will cost 240,000 Naira/per missionary/year. The sum of 12,000,000 Naira is required to hit this target. We beckon on you to join us in furthering this great effort to put smiles on the faces and food on the tables of missionaries in 2023. Are you willing to become an end-time Obadiah to missionaries? If yes, by all means join us!

December Mission:

We have enjoyed exponential growth with the reach of our annual December Missions since the maiden edition in 2020. The reach of December Pamper Missions (DPM) 2022 was staggering. God blew our minds with the release of supplies from the saints. We believe God for a wider coverage in 2023. The target remains Missionaries, Widows, and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Mid-Year Pamper Mission:

 DPM 2023 was eye opening to the level of lack and neglect experienced by missionaries, both in rural and urban communities alike. The feedback from DPM 2022 has challenged us to double our efforts towards missionaries’ welfare. To this effect, we will be organising a mid -year welfare package for missionaries and their families. Let’s remember the very words Jesus in Matthew 25:35 “For I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink…” as we donate towards the purchase of  food items/provisions for the mid-year missions.  The budget has been estimated at 6,079,150 Naira. The cheer your giving will bring to them is good enough a reward but Jesus promises you so much more.

Cloth Bank for Missionaries

 It is super exciting to announce that December Pamper Missions (DPM) is stepping up to the next level with the introduction of the cloth bank in 2023. There will be opportunities to send the choicest material gifts to Missionaries in Nigeria from different nations of the world through the banks that will set up in the course of the year.  Do you have valuables like cloths, shoes, wristwatches, bags, laptops, phones, books…. You are welcome to bring them in.

Further details on the budget for DPM 2023 and the operation of the cloth bank will be communicated in our subsequent newsletter.

Health Insurance Scheme:

The ship of the Missionaries Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) sailed in 2022! It was beautiful to see this dream come alive as a total of 35 missionaries got enrolled on varying packages of the fully sponsored insurance scheme at a cost of 922,720 Naira. As you may already imagine, the feedback has been awesome. We can’t begin to quantify the relief free access to basic healthcare brings to a missionary’s household. We aim to renew this sponsorship in 2023 and also extend the support to more missionaries. We extrapolate the cost of sponsoring 50 missionaries on the MHIS to be 1,600,000 Naira in 2023. What joy it will be to have you partner with us in this vision…

TGCN’s Scholarship Scheme:

This is the fourth year running of the scholarship scheme, the goal has been to support orphans and assist widows with funding for the basic education of their children. Our spotlight has been on poor resource communities in northern Nigeria.  We currently have  21 children on the scheme and we seek to support many more children through primary and secondary education. A major advancement with the scholarship scheme will be the inclusion of eligible missionary children as beneficiaries beginning in September 2023. The cost of sponsorship for school year/child will be communicated in subsequent letters.

Are you passionate for education? This is a beautiful avenue to get involved by taking up the annual sponsorship of a child’s education. 

TGCN’s Prayer Platform:

 A major offshoot of TGCN is the Prayer Network. It is our anchor and the compass for our engagements and activities. As a praying community we host -bi weekly prayer meetings via our zoom platform on Sundays 2pm/3pm (UK/Nigeria time respectively),Wednesdays 5am/6am (UK/Nigeria time)  and also host quarterly intercessory prayer events for missions. 

 God has been most gracious in granting answers to our prayers for all our affiliated missionaries, partners and volunteers. Despite the danger in the terrain our missionaries serve in, we have recorded no loss of any life or resources. Chief of all testimonies has been the increasing reach of the gospel in hostile communities and the multitude of souls won to Christ in answer to prayers.

It is our joy and privilege to continue to lift the burden of missions in every possible way, especially in the place of prayer. If you desire to grow your prayer commitment to missions and God’s people, you are welcome to join the TGCN Prayer Platform.

Suggested ways to get involved:

 We have itemised a few ways to support the ongoing work at TGCN, there is room enough to accommodate every Sender Missionary . Join us today.

 “Fund a Missionary”- volunteer to sponsor a missionary with N20,000 monthly for a whole year- as an annual renewable sponsorship.

  • Monthly Donation- commit to monthly donation of any specified amount within your means.
  • Widow’s Empowerment- sponsor a widow’s SME/skill acquisition training with N150,000
  • Scholarship Scheme- fund a child’s annual school fee. Cost is variable/ available on request
  • “400-Man Company”– join the company of 400 men who will commit to monthly giving of £100, $100 or N100,000 to support missions through the TGCN Platform. You are also welcome to give in multiples… £ 200, $200 or N200,000 as enabled by grace.
  • Quarterly donations, sponsors for specific projects, one-off donations are highly appreciated as well.
  • Volunteer as an intercessor on our prayer platform
  • Network Expansion: Funding for projects comes from within our network hence the need for growth and expansion. You are welcome to join our WhatsApp platform and tell your family and friends about TGCN
  • Volunteering of skills and non- monetary resources– IT and media acumen, secretarial skills, administrative skills, networking/referrals for sponsorships and funding, advisory roles

For further enquiries and to register your commitment to any of the projects please send us an email at

To give to any of our projects: Please add the reference “Your name and TGCN Missions”

Paypal account:

Lloyds Bank UK: Account No:51243063, Sort Code: 30-98-97

Kindly check us out, like our pages and follow us to stay informed:






Thank you and God bless.
Our Warmest Regards,

The Executive Team, TGCN


You can bless the souls of men by donating to one or more of the tgcn causes.

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